Berlin Message

The logo of the “Buddy Bear Help e.V.” shows the two golden bears with the heart in their middle. They accompany the “United Buddy Bears” exhibition on their journey around the world. These two bears provide additional food for thought, thus complementing the message of the exhibition.

In the same way, the following declarations complement the philosophy behind our activities in our organisation.

The “Berlin Message” – We want the Buddy Bears to communicate the message that it is important to stand together hand in hand and to meet at eye level – regardless of the community we belong to. It is our dream that people remember these goals wherever they see a Buddy Bear. Our organisation turns these goals into deeds. We attempt to plan all our projects in close cooperation with the people who live in those countries – particularly in developing nations. We meet the people at eye level, not in a condescending manner. We stand together hand in hand, paving the way towards a better life for the children.