Malawi in Southeast Africa is among the world’s poorest countries. More than half of the population is extremely poor and lives on an average amount of less than one dollar a day.
The illiteracy rate is around 42% and 14% of the population are infected with AIDS. Hence, a lot of AIDS orphans live in the country.

Our project in the small village of Tepa Tepa is in aid of these orphans. A member of staff at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development alerted us to the problems in the village and organised the construction of a nursery school with two classrooms in cooperation with a very active local midwife. The school mainly targets AIDS orphans living in the area who were taken in by local families in the majority of the cases. The children will receive one meal a day and pre-school tuition. Four women have been trained up specifically to work in the school.

We want to continue our support for the school with learning materials, by planting a vegetable garden and by sponsoring a bicycle with a trailer to transport water.

We organised a project at Berlin schools to fund this nursery school. This project aimed to show the schoolchildren from “close up” what the situation is like in developing countries and how they can actively support the children who live in those countries.

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