Sierra Leone

Nursery school in Lakka

West African Sierra Leone is also among the poorest countries worldwide. The civil war that ended in 2002 after more than 10 years led to an enormous setback for the country’s development. Many orphans live in Sierra Leone and abject poverty and a lack of childcare facilities are interrelated.

The work of our organisation in Sierra Leone is currently in its early stages.
Again, building a nursery school is intended to help the poorest children of the village Lakka, South of Freetown, providing them with a better start in life. The cost estimates were prepared and accepted. Therefore, Eva Herlitz and Annette Dill can travel to the site in January 2012 to coordinate the building activities.

In Lungi (a suburb of Freetown), the Gagu Zwergenhilfe built the orphanage HOME OF HOPE. We supported the admirable achievement of this small organisation with the proceeds generated by selling a bear at our auction in 2009. As the costs of upkeep for the orphanage that is scheduled to open in January 2012, are not funded yet, the Buddy Bear Help e.V. is going to build a guest house on the premises of the orphanage.
Long-term, the revenue from overnight stays in this guest house is intended to fund the cost of upkeep for the orphanage.